Personal Journals

Pages for You to Fill in the Blanks!

Lined and Unlined

Fun Tidbits and Trivia scattered through the pages.

These journals spark interest with historical trivia and tidbits. Nurture creativity and self-motivation. With a small section by the Pambling Roads author sharing her travels, she's included short quips about the places she's been.
The US journals feature one side for your drawing, pasting personal pictures, and the other side lined for notes or journal writing.

Have fun and cultivate exploration, focus on daily acknowledgments and the simple joys of life, use it as a travel journal, or to write down inspirational quotes.

Journaling can help improve mental health and happiness, provide a creative outlet, and give a perfect place to record life's precious events.

You can special order different covers at no extra charge! 

And if you see a state you want, but you want it the cover and color like another state, let me know, we will special order it for you at the available colors above! At no extra charge! 

Perfect for all ages! Click on the cover to purchase your personal journal. 

Grab your copy today.


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